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Portugal May 2014

Portugal May 2014

Following the interest created by our first blog started in 2012 entitled ‘paulandalisons2012tour’ which included details of our European travel from April 2012 to August 2013 and a few shorter outings following after, I wish to carry on blogging about future trips. These will take the shape of weekends away, nights out, and longer trips, like our¬† trip to Germany¬† at the end of August 2014, our trip through France in 2015 and a more recent longer trip through France, Spain and Portugal – effectively retracking highlights of our 2012 trip and discovering a few new places. Since setting up the site we have taken two more long term trips – one down to Portugal and the Algarve in 2016 and another more ambitious trip through Italy and Greece and all the way to Zante in 2017.

Our 2012 tour –

Another reason for ‘splitting’ the blog is that the ‘2012’ blog was undertaken in our Volkswagen Motorhome and we now continue our travels in our Mercedes Hymer. It is my hope to ‘merge’ the two sites eventually, but until then it serves best to keep them separate as there is a huge difference in trip duration and the way we used our motorhome.