2014 Travels

Not as long as our trips of 2012 and 2013 but every bit as enjoyable. We managed just over 50 nights away in the motorhome in 2014 with 46 of those in the Hymer so we certainly managed to get good use out of it. From Liverpool to Germany – furthest north was just Southport and I guess Mullhouse in Germany was the furthest south. The overnight stops are all listed below and include a few of our new venues at Hayfield, Strines and New Mills

27th and 28th December

That will be the last stop out for us this year and we couldn’t have finished off 2014 with a better weekend and venue. We only travelled 8 miles up the road to New Mills but the walks and nice weather suited us to a tee. The venue was ideal too – we tried out the newly built facility at New Mills Marina and were in fact the first visitors to the site which boasts new toilet and shower block, electricity and toilet empty (again all brand new) and a picnic area with BBQ’s – the latter not much use to us at this time of year but wait until next summer!. Theres good wifi too and all in is £15 a night – excellent value given that the facilities are right up there with any ‘proper’ CC site.

The very friendly staff welcomed us ‘first ever visitors’ with a bottle of wine too. Very helpful and friendly. You can buy gas there too. There are about 15 pubs in the locality and plenty of shops. There is a convenience shop across the road from the camp (about 5 minutes walk) with everything you could ever need, including beers, wines, milk, bread and so on.


New Mills Marinas first ever Caravan Club members arrive!

New Mills Marinas first ever Caravan Club members arrive!

Other info for you:

New Mills Marina
Hibbert Street
New Mills
SK22 3JJ

Tel: 01663 741310
Email: mail@newmillsmarina.co.uk

OS Map: (Eastings) 399687 (Northings) 384836
Latitude: N53:21:37 (53.360400)
Longitude: W2:00:22 (-2.006166)

12th December

An odd nights stay but it may prove useful to a few of you – as I stayed at Kings Dock in Liverpool. It was our company Christmas meal out and I couldn’t find a hotel under £150 – a bit steep for a few hours in bed sleeping off the drink. I checked with the car park security people and those that run the site and they confirmed that as long as I paid the £15 for 24 hours of parking I would be OK sleeping overnight in the motorhome. So, that I did. You need to remember to have £15 in change as it doesn’t accept credit cards or notes but other than that its pretty straight forward.


Make sure your 24 hours starts late enough to allow you to get away late enough the next day!

unnamed (2)

We will certainly go back and try it again, coupled with a meal out and a walk round Liverpools many sights.

5th and 6th December

We returned to the CL at Strines near Marple, just 6 and a bit miles from home. We found a great pub, The Royal Oak just a short walk from the CL where great food and atmosphere prevail. We walked to the Christmas Fair in Marple on Saturday and met up with son in law Nick who had dropped Finn off with us so he could have breakfast with us (and a roll around in the big comfy Hymer bed!) Its just £12 a night here complete with electric so its ideal for a quick weekend away from home.



I can see this becoming a new favourite for us given it proximity to home and having a few things to amuse ‘Prince Finn’ – he already loves the hens.

22nd and 23rd November

This weekend saw a return to ever popular Castleton for a good walk and  a chance to frequent the Cheshire Cheese for one of their excellent home made meals.


October update

25th and 26th October

We didn’t stray far this time either – just popped to Strines near Marple for a couple of nights peace and quiet at a lovely CL. Good walk into Marple and spotted  a couple of nice pubs but didn’t imbibe as we were still in ‘Sober Tober’ mode. We shall return I am sure.


17th and 18th October

We have just spent two nights at the CL at Spray Farm which boasts great views and plenty of peace and quiet. As with our last visit we were joined by our wee co-pilot Finn who is always at home behind the wheel – of anything!


The ‘view’ as mentioned above can be seen ‘behind’ him 🙂

We walked into Hayfield for the local ‘Apple Fair’ at the nearby school and amused ‘His Lordship’ whilst ensuring he got a good walk to tire him out for later – it worked!

20/21st September

Not ‘camping’ as such as our ‘site’ was the rear of Event City in Trafford Park. We were displaying our classic car in the Manchester Classic Car Show and were able to stay over in the exhibitors car park. We had a very pleasant weekend and even picked up a trophy for our trouble.

13th September

Another classic car event and a night in the farmers field just down the road from Silverstone – so close we even took our bikes to make things easy. The ‘we’ this time was my son Chris and I on a ‘Father and Son’ weekend. We didn’t take the ‘classic’ as that would have meant a night under canvas and the motorhome was much more appealing.


Some of the display cars – all Ferrari Club members own cars


Right. We have just returned from or trip of Germany and France so here are a few photos for te moment of where we got to. I will detail this up soon with places we stayed and the great aires that we used and some of the lovely places we stayed.

Google is your friend!

Google is your friend!

Here is a list of the places that we visited during our two week tour of France and Germany.

23 – Arques (Fr) – a cosy Aire
24 – Charlesville Mezier (Fr) – the AIre was full so we stayed a the campsite next door
25 – Annweiler (Ger) – Aire at the side of the road in a quiet village
26 – Stuttgart (Ger) – no AIres in city so used the campsite
27 – Stuttgart (Ger) – as above
28 – Bad Waldsee (Ger) – Super Aire with electric/water/waste – close to the Hymwer Museum
29 – Pfeffenweiler (Ger) – small Aire at Sports Grounds
30 – Mulhouse (Fr) – no Aire so back to a campsite, short walk to town
31 – Mulhouse (Fr) – as above
01 – Ribeauville (Fr) – compact Aire in lovely village surroundings
02 – Rebeauville (Fr) – another free Aire
03 – Mutigny (Fr) – Aire in the middle of the vineyards – lovely views
04 – Marcoing (Fr) – yet another free Aire
05 – Graveline (Fr) – pierside Aire with nice view of harbour

All in all we spent just £80/95Euro on accommodation without necessarily ‘trying to be tight fisted’ 🙂 Both France and Germany are well served with facilities for motorhomers. Our total milage from Cheshire to Bad Waldsee and back was 1780 miles at a cost of £365. Diesel was £1.05 to £1.20 depending on the area. We managed 27 mpg.

A big part of the trip was our visit to The Schulmph Collection – photos of that (car related) are to be found here: http://thirteenotwo.wordpress.com/the-schlumph-collection/

23rd August

We have set off for Germany – I’ll attempt to keep things up to date in the internet free zone that is Europe 😉


Packed and ready to roll!

15th and 16th August – Tatton Park Classic Car Show

Another car show! Back at Tatton Park (the venue for our VW show) and another weekend with the Ferrari but this show allows pre booked camping for exhibitors. We had a great weekend, met new motor-homers and walked away with a trophy.


8th and 9th August – Wet and Windy

Only we could manage to get caught up in the tail end of a hurricane whilst out motorhoming! We had literally just arrived at Astle Park for the Steam Fair weekend when the heavens opened and the wind started transporting traders gazebos and makeshift stalls across the Cheshire Plain. We only booked at the last minute as we hadn’t realised you can camp onsite for a very reasonable £40 including your admission to the show. Within a matter of half an hour cars, caravans and motorhomes were behind towed about the site by the many tractors drivers keen to demonstrate how their 70 year old tractors can pull a brand new car and van about. By Saturday the ground had dried out any any fears we might have had about how we were going to get away from the park had subsided (for now) We had a great day out with the ‘little fellow’ who marvelled at the huge engines and tractors amongst other things. One of those ‘other things’ were parrots – and the look on his face when ‘dinner’ (don’t worry we don’t eat parrots but to him it must have looked a bit like a Rastafarian chicken) actually spoke to him was priceless. He is just starting to make noises that sound a bit like real words so to be greeted with ‘Hello there mate’ by a bird must have been a huge surprise!

I think the little one liked it!

We woke up to torrential rain and even more muddy bits where people had already made an early exodus – and a muddy mess. We were going to park up nearer the gate and have another final peruse of the show but having got the motorhome moving and realising that it was likely to get worse we decided to head home.

August 2nd – Tatton Park (VWNW)

We camp over at the VW Event as we are part of the organising team and need to be opening the front gate before 7.00am on the Sunday morning. It’s a fairly functional camp over but it serves us as a base over the weekend.

You can just about spot the Hymer!

You can just about spot the Hymer!

July 26-28th – Capesthorne Hall


Not far from home (12 miles) so one of the nearest sites to home. As we were entering our classic car in the Car Show Sunday we decided to take advantage of the facilities at Capesthorne and stay two nights. Its a lovely site open from 1st March to 31st October and priced at £25 per two persons for one night. The toilet and shower block are state of the art and easily as nice as any hotels facilities that I have stayed in recently. Bookings can be made on 01625 861221.

15th-18th July – Formby – Lifeboat Road

I took for the car for travelling to work...

I took for the car for travelling to work…

We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head to Formby – I continued travelling to work and ‘put in a day’ before heading home in a different direction to normal. I managed to get home in half an hour so enjoyed a nice evening, a walk along the beach and a BBQ or few. Its a great site just yards from the beaches dunes and full of nice walks.


Ironically we had decided to head home on the Saturday so we could see our ‘favourite small person’ as he’s been away for two weeks and he couldn’t have timed it better as the rain was torrential.

June 27/28 – Castleton CC Site

Not that far from home but one of our favourite haunts. We managed another weekend out in the Hymer over the weekend – this time taking my mother along with us – something we certainly couldn’t do in the last van as it had just two berths. We got over to Castleton and one of our favourite localish spots at the Caravan Club site. The weather was unkind mostly but we did manage to walk into Hope on the Saturday and watch the locals partaking in the Well Dressing festivities. We even managed a BBQ thanks to the full size awning that was fitted by the previous owner. I think my mother – a stranger to all things caravanning wise – was quite surprised at what facilities were available to both in the van and around the site. We usually travel up the big hill over Winnets Pass but given the extra few inches that the Hymer has in its width we went the ‘log way round’ back into Hope and around through Bradwell.

June 14 – Hayfield CL

Sunny enough to need the awning too!

So close to home that we had Grandson Finn for the day and ‘Dad’ picked him up later on. A nice quiet site with EHU and just £8 a night for the two of us.

June 7/8th – Camping at Deva Dubs VW Show

We had had our first weekend away in the Hymer. Complete success as it ticks every box. On the Friday night we snuggled down to a very cosy night on the memory foam mattress bed over the cab. Very cumfy 🙂

The next night our daughter and grandson Finn joined us so we gave up our bed and let them sleep up top whilst we shared the floor and the single bed. When I say ‘shared’ – Alison had the floor whilst I had the single mattress bed. It is a great motorhome and we will have a great time with it I am sure.


This sums up the weekend for me 🙂

April 19/20th

We wouldn’t normally go away for Easter as everyone else does but we broke tradition and decided to go up to Leek for a couple of days. The weather was good and we managed a couple of half decent walks and a BBQ. We even had a couple of visitors – firstly a motorbike pulled up and on removing his helmet revealed an old ‘VW’ friend Trevor who had spotted on Facebook that we were away quite close to his house so decided to drop in for a brew.
Our next visitors were our Son, Chris and partner Amy how arrived just in time to share the BBQ with us before heading back to Cheshire. It was, as it happened to be, our last weekend away in the VW as a couple of weeks later I set off to Newquay to view the Hymer.

March 24/25th

At Castleton, one of our favourite spots.

We’ve had another weekend away in the motorhome and once again popped into Castleton for the chance of a good walk and a get together with friends. A ‘mixed’ bag weatherwise as it was lovely and sunny first thing, so we set off up the hill. Halfway through we were treated to a blizzard with sleet and rain soaking us to the skin. Thunderstorms rounded off the day. The next morning we were basking in the sun once again. Later on the Sunday, after a brief storm, the sun returned sufficient that I could get the convertible out for a quick spin in the sunshine. Bonkers.




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